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Advanced Practitioner JobNorthgate, OH

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Why You'll Love This Job

Why You’ll Love This Advanced Practitioner Job
Do you want to join an organization where your voice can help shape the future? Join a caring
and devoted team that continues to create change and positively impacts the lives of
individuals who have suffered from substance use disorder in this Advanced Practitioner position.

The Advanced Practitioner will be responsible for providing medical services in collaboration
with a licensed physician. The Advance Practitioner will implement treatment plans in
coordination with the supervising physician and inform patients about the medical
components of their treatment. The goal of this position is to be a key component of the
integrated care team that provides high quality comprehensive care to each of our patients.

Here, your voice and ideas are heard and actively contribute to the future of BrightView.
Experience the rewarding nature of this work as you provide exceptional patient care. Your
knowledge and skills combined with nurturing care will not only impact each individual, but
their families as well. Come to work each day knowing you are making a difference in this
Advanced Practitioner position.

Join the BrightView team today and build a career you are passionate about. Apply for our
Advanced Practitioner job today!

Advanced Practitioner Job Responsibilities
• Mentor and conduct professional development activities in medical subjects relevant to the
patient’s treatment.
• Participate in all trainings as required by federal, state, local, and accrediting agencies and
comply with all accrediting, federal, state, and local regulatory agency requirements.
• Develop and present training content for education on various medical topics relevant to
substance use disorders and general good health practices.
• Perform medical services within the scope of his/her education, training, and expertise.
• Ensure implementation of medical quality health standard for both patients and employees.
• Provide medical input into overall program philosophy, treatment services, and patient
• Provide a response to emergency care providers when they require consultation for one of
the program patients.
• Collaborate whenever necessary with other physicians, clinics or hospitals participating in
the treatment of program patients.
• Attend weekly treatment team meetings, as well as outside seminars and training.
• Hold a basic understanding of drug/alcohol abuse and addiction and keep updated on
current drug abuse and treatment information.
• Develop professional, helpful, and effective relationships with patients, team members, and
• Ensure treatment center meets all accreditation standards related to medical, health, and
safety issues.

Skills & Qualifications

Advanced Practitioner Job Qualifications
• Master’s degree or equivalent
• Ohio Certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant
• D.E.A licensure as required by BrightView
• 3 to 5 years experience preferred

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Job Number: 4855

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