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Laboratory Manager JobScottsdale, AZ

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Why You'll Love This Job

Essential Job Duties: 

  • Supervises all testing activities in assigned areas, manage personnel, and workflow as necessary. 

  • Participates in the establishment of ranges, specimen requirements for tests, and acceptance criteria. 

  • Oversees scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, and corrective actions to assure result quality and performance efficiency through the maintaining of written records. 

  • Ensures instrumentation is performing as expected and troubleshooting when operation is not to standard 

  • Troubleshoots and collaborates with contract laboratory services to ensure optimal laboratory fitness. 

  • Reviews QC, procedural updates, corrective actions, and maintenance records on a regular basis. 

  • Performs actual testing and performs quality control in assigned areas as necessary. Quality control results should be checked against acceptable limits. All patient results should be verified based upon repeat limits set on specific procedure. 

  • Performs validation of instrumentation as it is being introduced into the laboratory. 

  • Assures the qualifications and validation of all lab personnel in areas of responsibility, specific tests, and/or workstations. 

  • Assists in the training of employees (laboratory or client) if a new procedure or specimen requirement change is added to lab test menu. 

  • Acts as an engaging trainer to testing personnel throughout their tenure.   

  • Maintains and improves training program for testing personnel. 

  • Assigns personnel duties as necessary. 

  • Anticipates and plans proficiency testing of patient samples. 

  • Reviews proficiency testing results, taking appropriate corrective action as is necessary. 

  • Oversees and maintains adequate supply inventories. 

  • Reviews all appropriate procedures and undergo validations as necessary in all areas of responsibility. 

  • Oversees, as necessary, all specimen accessioning and computer log-in/order entry functions and work organization activities. 

  • Participates in the establishment and maintenance of policies. 

  • Oversees specific quality control functions in accordance with written procedures.  

  • Carries out any assigned tasks and adjust priorities as needed. 

  • Possesses clear verbal and written communication in tandem with optimal organizational skills. 

  • Acts as Laboratory Information System administrator.  

  • Continuously reviews and implements process improvement.  

  • Possesses a team player mentality and strong leadership ability. 

  • Maintains skills and competencies as it pertains to CLIA General Supervisor requirements. 

  • Oversees and maintains CLIA, HIPAA, and OSHA compliance. 

  • Maintains all records required by CLIA for two years or longer (as needed). 

  • Reviews any incident reports, taking appropriate corrective action. 

Skills & Qualifications


Required Education/Degree: 

Bachelor degree in chemical, physical or biological sciences 

Required Certification/License: 

Preferred CLIA General Supervisor, but can attain during employment  

Required work experience: 

At least 3 year of pertinent full-time clinical laboratory experience using LC/MS instrumentation and providing toxicology interpretations 

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Job Number: 4859

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