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Medical Director – Addiction Medicine Job – Dayton, OH

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The Medical Director supervises the medical operations of the treatment center and is medically responsible for oversight of all patients enrolled in the treatment program. The Medical Director provides direction for the medical team, including physicians, and ensures coordination with the clinical counseling team. The Medical Director must be able to assess individuals applying for admission as well as the physical and mental stability for outpatient substance abuse treatment. The Medical Director will adhere to federal and state regulations, accreditation standards and BrightView policy and procedures. The Medical Director will perform duties within the scope of his/her licensure.
Summary of Essential Job Functions:
Core Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensure the timely completion of admission physicals, annual physicals, medical histories, laboratory testing consistent with state and federal regulations, accreditation standards and sound medical practice
  • Review appropriate laboratory results as well as medical documentation from other healthcare providers and manage each patient according to established best practice and accrediting and regulatory guidelines
  • Screen patients for common medical co-morbidities and evaluate co-existing medical conditions to identify potential medication impact/drug interactions, to include over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Prescribe and titrate the appropriate dosage of medications (including all forms of medically assisted treatment) consistent with the patient’s medical and addiction history 
  • Write medical orders based upon the individual needs of the patient and sign off on all medical orders within 72 hours. Review medical therapy and document those activities in the patient’s chart
  • Provide or coordinate pharmacotherapy services to those patients who demonstrate need whenever necessary
  • Collaborate and coordinate care with other physicians, clinics or hospitals participating in the treatment of program patients whenever necessary
  • Provide medical input into overall treatment program philosophy, treatment services, and patient care when requested
  • Provide consultation to medical, clinical, and administrative staff in formulation and implementation of each patient’s medical treatment
  • Solicit feedback from clinical and administrative staff regarding patient requests and changes in patient behavior
  • Conduct in-service training and community education (participate in and periodically lead community consultation and mental health education as it relates to substance abuse) as requested
  • Assist in developing affiliations and collaborative relationships with community based medical providers
  • Ensure that each patient receives adequate services addressing communicable diseases, including risk evaluation, clinically appropriate testing, and appropriate counseling related to testing
  • Ensure treatment center meets all accreditation standards related to include medical, health, and safety issues, and other areas as assigned
  • Provide medical training and supervision as related to for physicians and advanced practitioners where applicable working at the center
  • Provide medical supervision and maintain records for Advanced Practitioner as required by state law
  • Participate in peer reviews for BrightView Medical Directors and/or Program Physicians as requested to comply with accrediting agency requirements
  • Provide input to Program Director on medication nurses’ annual performance evaluation on the medical aspects of their position, when required to comply with accrediting agency requirements
  • Ensure adequate availability to respond in a timely manner to treatment center staff and emergency care providers when they require consultation for one of the program’s patients
  • Achieve assigned treatment center specific annual goals and objectives
  • Assist the Site Manager in the implementation and enforcement of Brightview’s Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Ensure that medical responsibility is covered during his/her absence.
    • Inform the Site Manager of any anticipated or emergency absence(s) for approval. In the Site Manager’s absence, the Director of Operation and Senior Medical Director, will find coverage for the Medical Director in his/her temporary absence.
    • This approved designee will ensure an adequate response to treatment center team and emergency care providers when they require consultation for one of the program’s patients
  • Responsible for periodically conducting training and mentoring of medical staff and the treatment team regarding treatment best practices
  • Responsible for providing mentoring and guidance by active participation in scheduled treatment team sessions
  • Assist in activities that are otherwise identified by a member of the Senior Management
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local regulatory agency requirements
  • Comply with all accrediting agency requirements
  • Comply with the organization’s policy and procedure regarding the Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) credentialing process
  • Report to the Corporate Medical Director (or CMO) and Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance any complaints, litigation, or any potential litigation related to his or her role as Medical Director at the treatment center
  • Report to the Corporate Medical Director and Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance any investigations pending or ongoing related to his/her licensure
  • Participate in all trainings as required by federal, state, local and accrediting agencies
Minimum Requirements
The Medical Director must hold a valid, active State medical license with current State controlled substance registration and federal DEA certificate, and provide documentation of renewal on or before expiration date. In addition to meeting the qualifications, the ideal candidate will embody the following characteristics and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities listed below:
  • High integrity
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sound judgment
  • Effective and timely decision-making
  • Efficient
  • Self-starter
  • Good at identifying issues, formulating long-term solutions, and solving problems
  • Demonstrated knowledge of ethical standards
  • Demonstrate basic computer/word processing skills
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and skill in the use of typical office equipment
  • Organize time and responsibilities to meet workload requirements
Physical Requirements and Working Conditions
  • Speaking and hearing ability sufficient to communicate effectively by phone or in person at normal volumes
  • Vision adequate to read correspondence, computer screen, forms, etc.
  • Be able to sit or stand for long periods of time, some bending, stooping, and stretching
  • Variable workload, periodic high stress and activity level
  • Interactions with patients who may be ill, have infectious diseases, have mental health diagnoses and/or are involved in the criminal justice system
  • Standard medical office conditions and environments
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