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Operations Director JobNorthgate, OH

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Why You'll Love This Job

Why You’ll Love This Operations Director Job
Would you love to work in an environment where you can build genuine connections with a
team that shares your passion for making a difference? Do you appreciate the importance of
diverse perspectives and collaboration? Are you experienced in human resources and financial
matters? Do you want to help shape the future of a growing organization? Take the next step in
your career journey and lead change in your community with this Operations Director position.

Step into a collective work culture and stigma-free environment with compassionate team
members working to build a brighter tomorrow for our patients and their families. Help us
shape that future and apply to our Operations Director position today!

Operations Director Job Responsibilities
• Fulfill Program Administrator Role as outlined by Ohio Administrative Code.
• Develop, implement, and enforce company procedures according to agency, state,
federal, and accreditation standards.
• Establish and maintain community relationships.
• Plan and administer managerial, operational, fiscal, and reporting components of the
• Ensure the safety and well-being of staff and clients through the development and
implementation of policies and procedures addressing health and safety accreditation
• Participate in the Performance Improvement Plan for client care, staff retention, and
staff performance.
• Supervise all staff and ensure they are assigned duties based on education, experience,
competency, and job description.
• Maintain a system for review and credentials.
• Conduct annual performance reviews of all staff.
• Ensure that policies for documentation in the client record are adhered to and timely.
• Complete all trainings for orientation/annual required by program, state, and Joint

Skills & Qualifications

Operations Director Job Qualifications
• 2 years of experience in a human service agency, preferably in a drug and alcohol
setting, which includes supervision of others, direct service and program planning; or
the equivalent experience required
• Assessed competence in administering and providing services to individuals, families,
and/or clients required
• Management skills in addressing human resources and financial matters required
• Ability to coordinate the organization’s services with other community resources

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Job Number: 8102

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