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Payroll Specialist JobNorwood, OH

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Responsible for the accurate and timely payroll processing, submission, reporting, and auditing for exempt and non-exempt employees while ensuring compliance with company policies as well as Federal, State, Local and IRS regulations. Maintain a high standard of quality and accuracy by being proactive in managing the payroll cycle to meet all payroll deadlines. Provide excellent customer service by answering all payroll-related inquiries and work closely and collaboratively with the People Department and other cross-functional departments. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Perform payroll-related functions including but not limited to processing separation of employment, status changes, tax changes, deductions, and direct deposit changes. 

  • Review garnishments and upload them to wage garnishments services through Paycom for processing. 

  • Audit garnishment changes to ensure orders are accurately processed, checks reflect current orders 

  • Review and verify employee data entered by Paycom workflows or received via employee self-service data entry. 

  • Review and verify payroll data in a proactive timely manner as defined by the payroll guidelines. This would include all regular pay, overtime, bonus payments, other premium pay, differentials, etc. 

  • Audit and verify all New Hires and Rehires, including but not limited to pay rates, earnings, taxes, deductions, and PTO plans. 

  • Proactively work with the HR Teams, supervisors, and managers to identify issues and problem solve before they become larger issues. 

  • Act as first line of communication supporting high priority and escalated customer service matters and issues. 

  • Support the Director of HR with any initiatives, projects, and processes (e.g., direct deposit campaign, electronic paychecks, etc.). 

  • Function as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and work with your assigned locations to create an optimal employee experience. 

  • Train Managers and Supervisors on Time & Attendance processes including correcting missed punches, adding reason codes, approving timesheets and time off requests to ensure payroll is correct at the time of processing 

  • Contact employees whenever required and respond to routine inquiries concerning payroll deductions and accruals, wage garnishments, child support payments, W-2 questions, etc. 

  • Prepare manual checks and pay card payments as necessary and record them on the manual check log daily. 

  • Assist in maintenance of payroll records and files including but not limited to Paid Time Off (PTO), sick, vacation and other accrued leave. 

  • Collaborate with the employee relations team on payroll issues to ensure resolution. 

  • Audit and calculate merit increases, promotions, and bonus premium over-time (OT), and prepare import files. 

  • Process retroactive calculations, bonus premiums and at times retroactive Paid Time Off (PTO) and/or Sick and Vacation plan adjustments for promotions of Non-Exempt to Exempt employees. 

  • Review and audit daily hours and missed punches on employee timesheets for accuracy  

  • Process and balance for employee hours worked, bonuses, prior pay period time off (manual), retro calculations for merits, overtime premium and retro overtime premium, gift cards, prizes, expenses, etc. 

  • Audit pre-check reports for accuracy related to employee earnings and deductions. 

  • Responsible for identifying process improvements and make recommendations for changes. Lead and support process quality and optimization initiatives. 

  • Authorize and ensure new company tax set up is accurate during M&A 

  • Perform other duties as assigned. 

Skills & Qualifications


  • Candidate must have 5-7 years of solid end-to end payroll processing experience including Time and Attendance systems  

  • Solid understating of federal, state, and local tax laws, FLSA and Wage and Hour requirements. 

  • Familiar with payroll regulations such as meal and break rests, overtime, double-time and termination of employment. 

  • Multi-state tax experience is preferred. 

  • Minimum two years’ experience with a large Human Resource Management System or payroll system. 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel 


  • This position requires an understanding of accounting principles and the ability to reconcile various payroll 

  • Understanding of the payroll administration of 401(k) and other employee benefit plans; garnishments; and worker’s 

  • Prior experience in a high volume, fast-paced payroll environment. 

  • Strong attention to detail. 

  • Exceptional work ethic, organization, and time management skills. 

  • Able to multi-task and perform under multiple conflicting priorities with strict deadlines. 

  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency when responding to inquiries. 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 

  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and maintain strict confidentiality 

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